How to claim Rewards to Paypal or Dana at iRewards ?

The way to claim rewards in the mRewards application is very easy, there are 2 payment methods that you can use, here are the reviews:

How to claim Rewards to Paypal or Dana at iRewards ?

Do you know ? iRewards is an application that can generate PAYPAL and DANA balances without a deposit and is not a ponzi scheme ?

If you have never heard of what iRewards is, you can easily download it in the playstore "type in the iRewards playstore search field". Or if you want to see it first, please search for it on YouTube, there are tons of content creators who have reviewed and proofed the payment of the iRewards application.

But, if you already know it and want to generate your PAYPAL and DANA balance in the right article!

Are you still confused about how to withdraw rewards to your PAYPAL or DANA account? Here's how:

  1. You need to first log in to the iRewards - Earn App application
  2. iRewards - Earn App has several REWARDS, namely:
    • 1500 coins = $0.07
    • 6500 coins = $0.47
    • 13000 coins = $1.33
    • 26000 coins = $2.80
    • 52000 coins = $6.67
      Note: the coin conditions above may change depending on the policies of iRewards
  3. If you already have enough coins as explained in point 2, please select the "REWARDS" banner (Image below)

        4. After clicking the "REWARDS" banner you can choose the method you want to use, payout with PAYPAL or DANA and also you                    have to choose the minimum coins based on the coins you have (Image below)

          5. After selecting point no 4, please fill in the available fields, adjusting to your choice in point no 4.

    • If you choose to withdraw using PAYPAL you must enter your PAYPAL Email (Image below)

    • And if you choose to withdraw with DANA you must enter the registered DANA NUMBER (Image below)

       6. After that click "SUBMIT"

If so, you have to wait until the process is completed by iRewards, and iRewards will first check the history of your activities in the iRewards application, if the iRewards admin finds invalid activity then your account will be banned. and if not it will be transferred to your account in the next 24 hours.

Isn't it easy to claim REWARDS in this iRewards application?
lets collect as many coins as possible and get money from the iRewards application, thanks

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