How to File an Insurance Complaint

Whether you were involved in an accident and damaged your car, had a flood in your home that destroyed your property, or disagreed with how your health insurance company was paying benefits, eventually many people find themselves at odds with their insurance company. Did you know that you could file a complaint against your insurance company? It may, or may not, produce the results that you’re looking for, at least it means that your insurance company will have to explain how they decided what they decided – to someone else that understands their lingo.

How to File an Insurance Complaint

Things You’ll Need:

  • Patience
  • The name of your insurance company
  • Your policy number and claim number
  • Details of what happened
  • Computer with word processor or typewriter
  • The address for your state insurance department
  • Contact Your Insurance Company

Step 1
Usually insurance companies try to give you what they have legally committed to do. They’re not always the best at explaining it, and there have been times when they’ve been wrong.

Step 2
The first thing to do is to call them and ask that they explain why they’re doing whatever has made you upset. If you don’t understand it, ask them to explain it again.

Step 3
If you disagree, let them know that you’d like their explanation in writing and that you’re prepared to file a complaint against them. They may, or may not, send you a letter explaining what happened.

Filing the Complaint

Step 1
Even though they might have a different name, every state has an insurance commissioner. This is the office you want to contact.

Sit down and write out a letter explaining what happened. Be specific, be detailed, and provide dates and names whenever you can.

Step 2
Write something like, “I found three other cars like mine for sale in the paper.

All of these cars sold for $2,000 more than what my insurance company is offering me,” instead of “I don’t agree with the value of my car.” If you are using ads from the paper, or anything else to ‘prove’ your case or make your complaint, include a copy with your letter.

Step 3
After you’ve written your letter, ask a friend to read it. Ask them if a total stranger who didn’t know anything about your problem could understand why you were upset. Make any changes that are needed and get ready to mail it.

Step 4
Include the name of your insurance company, your policy number, your claim number and the name of your insurance agent in your letter. Remember to include your own address and phone number, too.

Step 5
Then mail it to your state insurance department. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a link to the insurance departments for every state in America from their website.

Step 6
Click on your state and you’ll be directed to your state’s department.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get the names for everyone you talk to. This will be more helpful than saying "someone told me X" -- know who told you that!
  • You can write your letter, but be sure that anyone can read it. When in doubt? Type it, or ask a friend to type it for you.

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