How to Get Insurance on Large Animals

Large animals, such as horses and cows, require a different line of thinking for insurance than dogs and cats. While insurance policies for these animals have not been in existence long, they are gaining popularity now as a way to make sure that vet costs do not require the euthanasia of an animal. Before you get insurance on large animals, make sure you understand your options and what they mean.

How to Get Insurance on Large Animals

Step 1
Decide whether pet insurance fits your needs. Pet insurance, a new sub-field in the insurance industry, covers vet costs. Most plans do include well visits and vaccines for free or a minimal co-pay. Vet bills for accidents or illness are covered similarly to health insurance for people; they are based on the procedure.

Step 2
Consider property insurance. While people who love animals do not think of them as property, it may be the best way to insure your large animal. In particular, horses who are used as part of a business--such as racing or showing--should be covered under property-based insurance plans rather than pet insurance.

Step 3
Find out if the animals are covered under other policies. On farms, for example, cows and pigs may be covered under your farm insurance. Getting additional insurance on them may be unnecessary.

Step 4
Obtain quotes on all types of insurance. There is nothing to say that you cannot have both policies, which may end up being cheaper. You can use your pet insurance for basic care and then purchase property insurance with a high deductible and use it in case you run into major problems.

Step 5
Add up last year's vet bills. Before you know whether the insurance is a good buy, you need to know how much it can save you. Gather your bills and compare them to the policy guidelines. Determine how much you would have saved on each visit to decide if the insurance premium will benefit you.

Step 6
Get a physical for your large animal. These policies can cost insurance carriers a significant amount since the vet bills for large animals get high pretty quickly. You'll need a physical before any company will insure your pet, and this step helps determine your premium and the policy you can get.

Tips & Warnings

  • Animal insurance is still a bit undetermined in many places. Make sure you ask for state licensing information to get a reputable policy.

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